Participatory Research Training

With the fieldwork for the CCC19 project being right around the corner, the research team got to participate in a Participatory Research Training. This training will help the team to understand the relationship between the researchers and the participants in shaping the knowledge of how political, social, economic, and familial contexts in communities may impact daily life.

Participatory Research is a key approach of the CCC19 Project. Some highlights from the training and further detail about participatory research include:

Participatory research:

  • emphasizes a “knowledge for action” and a “bottom-up” approach in contrast to conventional research which is more top-down.
  • Is research done with people rather than on people
  • Is cooperative, democratized and seen as a partnership

The Training session was led by Dr. Alfred Bizoza from the University of Rwanda who is a con-investigator on the CCC19 Project team.

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