Tracking the continued impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in vulnerable communities

Since its first appearance in 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted normal way of life and greatly impacted the most vulnerable communities. Our work focuses on learning about how communities in Malawi and Rwanda are navigating this situation.

As an example, the Pulitzer Centre reports-  Schools in Rwanda have just reopened and measures to contain COVID-19 virus such as frequent hand washing with clean water need to be followed in schools. Schools are obliged to have sources of clean water to facilitate hand-washing, but schools’ officials are concerned by water tariffs that will highly increase water expenditures. Schools are asking the government to classify them in the category of public tap so that they will afford water expenditure and ensure public health.

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The CCC19 Project (Climate Change and COVID19 Project) is studying the impact of COVID-19 and Climate Change across vulnerable communities in Malawi and Rwanda with a goal to generate key insights for Governments and Policymakers to formulate practical interventions and effective resilience practices.

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